Maine Morning Micro Roasters


Bridgton, Maine's
Fresh Roasted and Green Unroasted Specialty Coffee

Our new coffees are here! Please see our Bean Bio page to read about our new offerings.

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Maine Morning Micro Roasters is a family owned and operated coffee roasting business in North Bridgton, Maine. Our coffee changes from season to season because we select specialty, single origin beans from some of the best coffee crops in the world. Doug and Heather have chosen some exceptional beans this season and are very proud to offer a diverse selection. We are especially proud to offer several Fair Trade and Organic coffees. Please be sure to check the 'place your orders' page to learn more about each coffee bean and the efforts being made to ensure good wages, a healthy working environment for the farmers and healthy coffee beans.

We have a commitment to fresh coffee beans. We roast our gourmet coffee beans one pound at a time and get them to customers at the peak of freshness. Our specialty beans and fresh roasting allows our coffee to maintain its subtle natural flavors. Like fine wine, you will experience natural undertones of chocolate, caramel, spice, berries, citrus and other flavors. Please see our 'place your orders' page to get more information about each coffee bean, its region and its farmers.

Our Importer buys our Bolivian and Costa Rican coffees directly from the farmer eliminating a middleman, thus making sure the growers are the ones that receive a fair benefit of their labor. The Bolivian and Costa Rican coffee farmers are paid above market prices for quality (usually above Fair Trade guidelines).

Please enjoy our Bolivian and Costa Rican coffees knowing that the farmer that toiled cultivating it was treated with the respect he/she deserves and also received fair compensation for her/his added efforts.

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